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So first of all, what is an Asset?

Instead of asking what is an asset, it might be better to ask what doesn't. Every business, whether it's in IT, construction, education, or retail, has valuable things they need to keep track of. Some things are digital, like contracts and software, while others are physical, like laptops and cars. No matter what you need to keep an eye on, our platform is here to make it easier for your team and save you time and money.

Required Features in tracking assets

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  • Easy Inventory Import: Effortlessly upload your existing inventory data into Sortly for seamless transition and integration.
  • Items: Easily add and manage individual items within your inventory, complete with detailed information and specifications.
  • Item Photos: Attach photos to each item for easy visual identification, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Custom Folders: Create custom folders to organize your assets based on your unique categorization needs, ensuring everything is neatly sorted and easily accessible.
  • Custom Fields: Tailor Sortly to your specific requirements by adding custom fields to capture additional details about your assets.
  • Inventory Lists: Generate comprehensive inventory lists to keep track of all your assets, ensuring nothing goes overlooked or misplaced.
  • User Licenses: Scale your asset tracking efforts by easily adding or removing user licenses as needed, ensuring optimal flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Customizable User Access: Manage user permissions and access levels to control who can view, edit, or delete asset information, ensuring data security and integrity.
  • Activity History: Keep track of all changes and updates made to your inventory with detailed activity logs, providing transparency and accountability.
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  • Scanning: Easily input and update asset information by scanning barcodes or QR codes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in asset management.
  • QuickBooks Online Integration: Seamlessly sync your asset data with QuickBooks Online, streamlining accounting processes and ensuring accurate financial reporting.
  • Purchase Orders: Create and track purchase orders directly within our platform, facilitating procurement processes and ensuring transparency in asset acquisition.
  • Label Generation: Generate custom labels and tags for your assets, making them easy to identify and track throughout their lifecycle.
  • Check-in/Check-out: Monitor asset usage and availability with check-in/check-out functionality, ensuring optimal utilization and preventing loss or theft.
  • Quantity-based Alerts: Receive alerts when asset quantities fall below specified thresholds, enabling timely replenishment and preventing stockouts.
  • Date-based Alerts: Stay informed about important dates such as warranty expirations or maintenance deadlines with date-based alerts, ensuring timely action and asset longevity.
  • In-app Alerts: Get real-time notifications within the app for important events or updates, keeping you informed and proactive in managing your assets.
  • Email Alerts: Receive email notifications for key asset events or alerts, ensuring that important information reaches you wherever you are.
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  • Activity Report: Gain visibility into all activities related to your assets, including updates, transfers, and usage, to track asset movements and ensure accountability.
  • Inventory Summary Report: Get a comprehensive overview of your current inventory status, including quantities, values, and locations, to make informed decisions about asset allocation and procurement.
  • Move Summary Report: Monitor asset movements between locations with detailed move summary reports, enabling you to optimize asset distribution and minimize transportation costs.
  • Low Stock Report: Receive alerts and insights on items that are running low in stock, allowing you to replenish inventory proactively and avoid disruptions in operations.
  • Item Flow Report: Track the flow of assets through your organization, from acquisition to disposal, to identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and improve asset utilization.
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  • Easy-to-use Mobile App: Our intuitive mobile app ensures seamless asset tracking on the go, allowing you to manage your assets anytime, anywhere with ease.
  • Cloud-based Automatic Sync: Enjoy real-time synchronization between your mobile device and the cloud, ensuring that your asset data is always up-to-date and accessible across all devices.
  • Offline Mobile Access: Maintain productivity even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity with our offline mobile access feature, enabling you to continue managing assets without interruptions.
  • API: Integrate our asset tracking portal with your existing systems and applications using our robust API, enabling seamless data exchange and interoperability.
  • SSO (Single Sign-On): Simplify user authentication and access management with Single Sign-On, allowing users to securely log in to the asset tracking portal using their existing credentials.

Why do you exactly need an Asset Management Platform?

Explore Packem’s solutions for tracking assets.

Quickly and accurately input items into your inventory system.

Keep precise records of the quantity of each item in stock.

Attach photos to items for easy visual identification.

Generate custom barcodes for efficient tracking and organization.

Access real-time updates on your inventory status anytime, anywhere

Monitor when items are checked out and by whom.

Record all purchases to maintain a complete transaction history.

Monitor the cost of each item and overall expenses.

Generate insightful reports to analyze inventory trends, usage patterns, and more.

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Effortlessly configure your team and assets:

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Organize Your Business
Your Way.

PackemWMS is a feature-rich platform that has everything you need to run your business.

Easily view and filter orders coming from Shopify, Shipstation, EDI and other sources. Create automatic rules for order processing and fulfilling.

Whether you’re doing high-volume or just single order picking, Packem has the right features for you. Reduce picking errors by using our scanner app to ensure the correct item is being picked from the right location.

Scan and receive pallets or small items. have the supervisors quality control the receipts and create put away tasks for the operator. Receive against a packing list and record any discrepencies during the receipt.

Give your customers full visibility of their products, orders and receipts. Customers can login to place orders and gain visibility of their inventory.

Create a kit, bill of material, and work orders of kitting jobs for kit to order or kit to stock. Build filters and advanced search of your inventory.

Packem creates tasks for the operators and they receive notifications when a new task is added to the queue. Putaway, picking, auto replenishment tasks help you manage and run your warehouse efficiently.

Remove the hassle of keeping track of manual transactions, receiving, and storage fees. Packem will track all billable activity and automatically create billing statements based on fees setup for your customers. Easily Sync data to Quickbooks or Xero for your accounting needs.

“Hey, have you checked out the Smart Reordering feature in Packem? It’s pretty cool. It can predict what products you’ll need in the future and even sends you and [your client] email alerts when it’s time to reorder from your suppliers.

Plus, you can keep an eye on how much stock you have at each location. This way, you’re always in the loop about when to reorder something. All you need is to setup lead time, safety stock and system willfigure out sales velocity and reorder point.”


Manage everything in one place using integrations

Streamline your operations by harnessing the power of integrations to manage all aspects of your workflow in a single, centralized platform.

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