Most Complete Inventory Management Software

We challenge you to find a more complete and beautifully designed inventory manager software. Built for ease of use and growth in mind.

Countless businesses trust PackemWMS to handle their inventory tracking needs


Location management in seconds

PackemWMS makes is easy to manage and visualize locations. Upload a list of locations within seconds using our very own template. Tag locations as Bulk, Storage, Picking or Cross Dock. With our intuitive inventory management software easily find every item and how many you have available.
PO and ReOrder Management

Hey, have you checked out the Smart Reordering feature in Packem?

It’s pretty cool. It can predict what products you’ll need in the future and even sends you and [your client] email alerts when it’s time to reorder from your suppliers.

Plus, you can keep an eye on how much stock you have at each location. This way, you’re always in the loop about when to reorder something. All you need is to setup lead time, safety stock and system will figure out sales velocity and reorder point.

Smart Replenishment

Keep your picking locations stocked

Simply set Replenishment quantities for a SKU and PackemWMS will automatically keep picking bins stocked by automatically creating replenishment tasks for your operators. 

Using the inventory manager software, generate quantitative forecasting report for your demand planning.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Multiple warehouses? No problem.

Manage your warehouses from a single warehouse management system without any added complexity.

Receive shipment and place orders into any one of your facilities.  Manage live inventory across all facilities and receive notifications when items about to expire or running low on stock.

Live real-time Inventory tracking

Live inventory numbers, every time

With a built-in Customer Portal module, you and your customers have visibility of inventory in real time. 

Easily grant proper access to your customers so they can see inventory real time, place orders, and receive notifications when orders are shipped. 

How to Choose the Best Inventory Management Software for Your Business

When choosing inventory management software for your business, there are several factors to consider. These include:


One of the most important factors to consider is your budget. Inventory management software can vary greatly in price, so it’s important to choose a solution that fits within your budget. Consider whether you want a cloud-based or on-premise solution, as this can also impact the cost.  PackemWMS is a very affordable solution with the most complete set of features.

Business needs

Another important factor to consider is your business needs. Think about the features that are most important to your business, such as real-time inventory tracking, sales forecasting, and barcode scanning. Consider whether the software integrates with other systems you use, such as accounting or shipping software.

Ease of use

Finally, consider the ease of use of the software. Look for a solution that is intuitive and easy to navigate, with a user-friendly interface. Consider whether the software offers training and support, as this can be important for getting up and running quickly.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Management from anywhere.

Our highly-rated mobile app simplifies management from anywhere, even offline.


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