When and why switch to a Warehouse Inventory Management: Questions and answers from Pet EXPO 2023

A common topic of conversation for small and medium brands was 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) and software for warehouse inventory management for those who happen to own a warehouse or stock.
When-and-why-switch-to-a-Warehouse Inventory Management Questions and answers from Pet EXPO 2023

The big question was: when should I switch to a WMS and what is my best bang for the buck?

The PackemWMS team had a blast at Global Pet EXPO 2023 in Orlando, Florida this past March. We learned a ton about the pet food industry and supply chain technology.

The sooner you implement a warehouse management system, the better. Excel and inventory on cloud apps are cheap and familiar, but they are limited in their capacity to track inventory movements, notify you of backorders, and ensure proper and accurate fulfillment of orders.

The Big Fear: Expense And Time

What is the warehouse management system cost? The big fear is that a switch to a WMS will be: one, expensive, and two, a time-consuming undertaking.

We heard that a lot from folks at the EXPO and our answer was simple: THIS IS PRECISELY WHY WE BUILT PackemWMSSimplicity and ease of use are paramount to a successful adoption process and accurate use.

It’s 2023, Why Are WMS So Expensive?

A lot of WMS systems are built for giant corporations and marketed down to smaller operations, resulting in expensive features most brands never use and workflows that are bugged down with many steps and useless data.

Warehouse management system costs for Netsuite / SAP / Dynamics and other giants are thousands per month with large upfront investments depending on your specific implementation. These ERPs are attempting to include features for everyone but fail to make the process simple, easy to use and affordable.

Where And When Should I Look For Warehouse Inventory Management?

Subscription-based systems are the way to go for most brands because it removes the risk of long-term commitments. Furthermore, these systems, are likely built with modern technology that continues to add relevant features without adding more cost. PackemWMS is exactly that! Not having to maintain pace with giant corporate names allows us to stay lean and pass on savings to you while providing a dedicated support model unlike anyone else.

When you need Inventory management software on the cloud to track your products in real-time, handle cycle count, Inbound with palletization, FIFO smart picking, and smart replenishment. Packem comes with a fast and easy-to-use Barcode Scanner app to make putaway and picking jobs efficient.

Experience the simplest inventory management software.

Are you ready to transform how your business does inventory?

Who Deals With Onboarding, Integrations, And Training?

We do! No WMS is as intuitive and straightforward as ours. Why? Because it is our design and advisory board we enlisted expert warehouse managers, so every module, button, and data point is geared towards operations, not data analysts! It’s all about tracking movements and keeping counts accurate, with no fluff. Our training and support team is available for site visits and hardware/software training for the first month.

What do I get with a WMS that Excel can’t do?

This was one of our favorite questions because we asked ourselves the same day in and day out. It comes down to traceability and operational agility.

A WMS can log inbound POs and issue Receipts (check out our smart receipts module at PackemWMS.com/features), show live item locations, trigger replenishments for pick locations, track work orders, and publish them to the scanner, and ensure that pick, pack, and ship is accurate and documented every time.

These are some of the most popular topics and conversations our team encountered this year, can’t wait for next year’s Global Pet EXPO! Thank you all who’ve reached out to find out more about PackemWMS and what makes us so very unique in a space saturated by expensive and over-engineered solutions.

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