PackemWMS Barcode Inventory System

Maximize productivity and minimize the hassle of costly and time-consuming training sessions with our barcode inventory system. Our mobile app works with any Android scanner and is easy to use.

Why Barcodes?

Barcodes are essential tools in the use of warehouse management software, enabling efficient tracking of products within the warehouse


UPC (Universal Product Code): Widely used in retail, UPC barcodes are used to identify products and track them throughout the supply chain.


EAN (European Article Numberrel): Similar to UPC, EAN barcodes are used for product identification and are prevalent in Europe.

Code 39

A variable-length barcode that can encode alphanumeric characters. It is often used for internal tracking and inventory control within warehouses.

Code 128

Another versatile barcode that can encode alphanumeric characters. Code 128 is commonly used in logistics and shipping applications.

QR Code

QR Code (Quick Response Code): QR codes are 2D barcodes that can store large amounts of data, including text, URLs, or other types of information. They are increasingly used for inventory tracking and mobile scanning applications.

PDF 417

A 2D stacked barcode that can store large amounts of data, including text and binary information. It is commonly used for identification cards, shipping labels, and driver’s licenses.

Use cases

Put away and transfers

During warehouse put away, barcodes and scanner guns are used to efficiently and accurately record the location of incoming products. Warehouse staff scan the barcode on the product and the barcode on the designated storage location using a scanner gun.

This process ensures that the product is placed in the correct location and updates the warehouse management system with real-time information, enabling easy retrieval and inventory tracking. It also ensures accuracy during replenishment functions.

Leverage Technology

No more spreadsheets!

Barcodes and WMS technology reduce dependency on manual spreadsheets for inventory management. Instead of relying on manual recording and calculations, barcode scanners automatically update the central system with accurate data.

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