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Our Features

Easily view and filter orders coming from Shopify, Shipstation, EDI and other sources. Create automatic rules for order processing and fulfilling.

Whether you’re doing high-volume or just single order picking, Packem has the right features for you. Reduce picking errors by using our scanner app to ensure the correct item is being picked from the right location.

Scan and receive pallets or small items. have the supervisors quality control the receipts and create put away tasks for the operator. Receive against a packing list and record any discrepencies during the receipt.

Give your customers full visibility of their products, orders and receipts. Customers can login to place orders and gain visibility of their inventory.

Create a kit, bill of material, and work orders of kitting jobs for kit to order or kit to stock. Build filters and advanced search of your inventory.

Packem creates tasks for the operators and they receive notifications when a new task is added to the queue. Putaway, picking, auto replenishment tasks help you manage and run your warehouse efficiently.

Remove the hassle of keeping track of manual transactions, receiving, and storage fees. Packem will track all billable activity and automatically create billing statements based on fees setup for your customers. Easily Sync data to Quickbooks or Xero for your accounting needs.


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