Order Management Made Easy.

Accurate and timely order processing while optimizing inventory and warehouse resources.

What order management means for your WMS.

By streamlining and automating order management processes, warehouse management systems enhance operational efficiency, reduce errors, improve customer satisfaction, and enable effective inventory control within the warehouse environment.
Order Packing

Statuses that are easy to understand and manage.

While order management can be complex in the back-office side of an operation, PackemWMS keeps order status simple and easy to use for warehouse admins and staff.

Order QA and intuitive pack and ship modules.

Built-in mobile and desktop QA steps give your operation added visibility or pick accuracy and prevent hold-ups.
Order Processing
PackemWMS is able to receive and process orders from various channels, such as online marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, or direct sales.
Inventory Counts
Order management relies on accurate inventory data. PackemWMS tracks inventory levels in real-time, ensuring that there are sufficient quantities of products available to fulfill orders. This helps prevent stockouts or overselling.
Once an order is “opened”, the PackemWMS generates pick lists or work orders to guide warehouse staff in selecting the items from the appropriate locations within the warehouse. The system optimizes the picking route to minimize travel time and maximize efficiency.
Order Verification/QA
Before shipping, PackemWMS offers a QA step to perform order verification to ensure the accuracy of the picked items.
Shipping and Tracking
PackemWMS integrates with shipping carriers to generate shipping labels and manage the logistics of order delivery. Tracking information can be sent to customers and internal stakeholders, enabling visibility into order status and estimated delivery times.
Reporting and Analytics
PackemWMS provide reports and analytics on order fulfillment metrics, such as order cycle time, order accuracy, picking and packing efficiency, and inventory turnover. These insights help identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and make data-driven decisions.

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