Intuitive and Customizable

The first WMS to be built in customizable modules.

Enable the features that make sense for your operation and implement them within 8 weeks. PackemWMS is cloud-based and for a fraction of what NetSuite or Oracle charges.

PackemWMS Orders

Order Management

Easily view and filter orders coming from Shopify, Shipstation, EDI and other sources. Create automatic rules for order processing and fulfilling.

Pick and Pack

Whether you’re doing high-volume or just single order picking, Packem has the right features for you. Reduce picking errors by using our scanner app to ensure the correct item is being picked from the right location.

Receiving and Put away

Scan and receive pallets or small items. have the supervisors quality control the receipts and create put away tasks for the operator. Receive against a packing list and record any discrepencies during the receipt.

Customer Portal

Give your customers full visibility of their products, orders and receipts. Customers can login to place orders and gain visibility of their inventory.

Inventory and Kitting

Create a kit, bill of material, and work orders of kitting jobs for kit to order or kit to stock. Build filters and advanced search of your inventory.

Queues and Work items

PackemWMS creates tasks for the operators and they receive notifications when a new task is added to the queue. Putaway, picking, auto replenishment tasks help you manage and run your warehouse efficiently.

Invoicing and Billing

Remove the hassle of keeping track of manual transactions, receiving, and storage fees. Packem will track all billable activity and automatically create billing statements based on fees setup for your customers. Easily Sync data to Quickbooks or Xero for your accounting needs.

PO and ReOrder Management

Hey, have you checked out the Smart Reordering feature in Packem? 

It’s pretty cool. It can predict what products you’ll need in the future and even sends you and [your client] email alerts when it’s time to reorder from your suppliers.

Plus, you can keep an eye on how much stock you have at each location. This way, you’re always in the loop about when to reorder something. All you need is to setup lead time, safety stock and system will figure out sales velocity and reorder point.

Order and Packing Automation Rules

Use pre-built or your custom automation rules to manage efficient order processing. Whether using batch or single picking for your 3PL or distribution warehouse, Packem has the proven and tested automation to reduce errors and increase profitability.

Based in New Jersey, USA

With ownership, team of industry experts, and support based right here in the USA, rest assured that we will be by your side from implementation to on-site training. Offices in New Jersey and Florida.

In Person Implementation, per request.

Unlike the big name brands, we believe in exceptional customer service and support. When it comes time to implement PackemWMS, our team will train you and your operators in person per request.

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